Dazzle us on the stage as a dancer or choreographer at ROBINSON

Lights off, spotlights on – at the ROBINSON Club, we raise the curtain every evening. As a dancer/choreographer, all eyes are on you as you impressively perform your creations on stage.

We're waiting for you in the most beautiful places in the world and look forward to meeting you at one of our auditions!

Stage professionals wanted!

Every club is a paradise, every ROBIN a host, every day is unique – welcome to ROBINSON. As a company in the World of TUI, we are one of the leading tourism groups worldwide. Featuring more than 20 clubs in the Alps, Egypt, Morocco, around the Mediterranean and on the Maldives, we lead the German market in the premium club hotel industry and provide unique vacation experiences in gorgeous settings. This includes professional evening entertainment, such as fascinating musicals, engaging dance shows, theater or comedy. Our dancers and choreographers often play the starring role. They get tons of applause: for their own performance on stage and for that of their colleagues.

Your stage – you have lots of responsibility:

When the sun slowly vanishes on the horizon, it’s show time at our ROBINSON Clubs! Our imaginative and diverse stage programs enchant our guests every evening. You have turned your passion into your job and this is exactly the dedication that we’re looking for. In your job as dancer & choreographer, you are responsible for the development of the existing evening programs and will appear on the stage almost every day. In the theater, at dinner shows or parties – on the ROBINSON stage, you can show your talent as a dancer & choreographer to a cheerful audience. During the day, you’re in charge of rehearsals for all your colleagues and will assume the role distribution according to the dancing skills of all participants. The opportunity of working with outside professionals in theater, film and TV will enhance your vocational and private expertise. What are you waiting for?

Tänzerin vor Scheinwerfern.
Tänzerin auf Bühne.
Tänzerin schminkt sich.
Person, die die Bühne betritt.

For your new job as dancer & choreographer, you should bring your passion and the following:

  • Training in dance/dance education or experience with show & dance choreography
  • Passion for hip-hop, jazz, ballet, modern dance
  • Creativity to develop choreographies for colleagues and communicate this to them
  • Professionalism as well as lots of passion, openness and a sense of responsibility
  • Willingness to work and live in a team
  • Creativity and flexibility
  • Willingness to be a host with a big heart

We want you to join us as a dancer & choreographer and have a lot to offer!

Team spirit, unforgettable moments and diverse work: In your job here as a dancer & choreographer, you will experience this every day, because we are a strong team. Our informal atmosphere and the casual, warm interactions between the colleagues and guests set us apart as an employer. When you’re with us, you can and should be entirely yourself as a person and as a dancer & choreographer. You should hone your strengths and discover your new talents. We want you to feel good at ROBINSON from the very first day and are glad if your audition already communicates what distinguishes you as a personality. That is why we make a godparent available to new employees who can support you in the first months.

In brief, this is what you can expect as a dancer & choreographer at ROBINSON:

  • constant presence on stage
  • the opportunity to work with outside professionals and develop successful stage programs
  • secure employment in a location where others take vacations (incl. insurance)
  • instruction, advanced education and training
  • free accommodations in an employee room & meals in the guest restaurant
  • usage of all club amenities


Turn your passion into a job – apply as a dancer & choreographer!

Do you love the spotlight and think your dance moves can even get amateurs on their feet? If so, apply now and come to our audition – we look forward to seeing you!

Current job openings as dancer & choreographer

As a ROBIN you’re at home in holiday destinations

At the moment there are no vacant positions in this job, but these circumstances could change at any time! Send us your unsolicited application now und be the the first one considered!