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Job interviews? We have job casting!


09.05.2022 Hanover GROUPFITNESS

During the job casting, we finally get to meet in person!

Following your application via our online form, it will take about 5-10 days until we send you a rejection (sorry!) or an invitation (woohoo!) to the next job casting. Did you get an invitation? Congratulations! That means your application impressed us and you successfully mastered the first step on the road to becoming a ROBIN!

But what should I expect at the job casting?

Some applicants get pretty nervous before their job casting, but there’s no reason for this – after all, we’re just as curious about you as you are about us. So just be free and relaxed. What matters most is that we get to meet each other in an informal and pleasant atmosphere.

Another important tip for you, specifically for our job casting:

Show us what distinguishes you! We love to hear people’s own concise and creative ideas about themselves – you can sing about it, make jokes, rhymes, act it out, whatever you like. There are no limits to your imagination! If you want to get a first impression of what our job castings look like, you can find a video here.

Do I have to prepare?

Hmm. Of course we’re assuming that you have some amount of interest in ROBINSON. For example, you should know how many club resorts we have in which countries. You can find all of the interesting facts right here on our homepage, by the way. But we will also give you a lot of input about ROBINSON. At the end of the day, we don’t just have to decide on you, you also have to decide on us!

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