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How Robin are you?

You’re a ROBIN to the core. From top to bottom, left to right. Behind the ears, all the way into the ends of your hair and especially in your heart. ROBIN, that’s what we all call ourselves here in the team at ROBINSON. 

When you’re a ROBIN, you show and practice your passion and personality! You integrate yourself and just stay who you are!

When you’re a ROBIN, you’re open-minded, receptive and lively. You like being the host and you enjoy meeting new people.

When you’re a ROBIN, you’re committed and ready to give your best. You have completed technical training and impress our sophisticated guests with your skills.

When you’re a ROBIN, your amiability represents our motto “share the moment”! You create the unique atmosphere at our clubs that make our guests want to come back again soon.

Do a ROBIN check!
How ROBIN are you?


You don’t become a ROBIN — you are a ROBIN! ROBINS are exceptional people. They have completed vocational training in a specialized field and possess a number of distinguishing traits. Take the ROBIN Check now: Take the test and find out if you are a good fit for us!

Just start; there are no right or wrong answers.

Just trust your gut. You can answer each of the ten questions only once. You will receive a short feedback to every answer. Once you’re finished, we will evaluate your answers and let you know if we think you are a good fit for us.


Do you have unusual hobbies that you want to utilize and develop further (e.g. sports, art, theater, or similar)?


Great. Our hearts jump with joy to hear that. ROBINS with hobbies — whether conventional or unusual — are a true enrichment for our guests and us.


Pity. A hobby wouldn’t have hurt, but it’s never too late to take an interest in something new.


Do you have an idea what to expect at one of our clubs?


Very good. So you already know that life at our clubs is something special. It’s important to know and like what our clubs are like to work in one.


No problem. But if you want to work for us, you should start to do some research now, because life at our clubs is not for everyone. Browse our homepage or check out our job blog.


Do you notice when a guest is unhappy?


Perfect! It’s incredibly important for our ROBINS to listen and keep an open mind. If you possess this skill, you are a huge step closer to being a ROBIN!


What a pity. In our clubs, it’s all about the guests! We ROBINS want them to be happy and able to relax.


We are on a first name basis with our guests and enjoy spending time with them. What do you do when you meet a guest, e.g. at the breakfast table?


Good answer! Of course it’s fine if you say or do something else as long as you are open, friendly and communicative. But this seems to be second nature for you anyway.


Of course you can enjoy your coffee! Our guests and we ROBINS are a family. We eat at the same table, chat, and spend time together during various club activities. You should be open to that — all the time and even when things are busy.


Are you okay with spending time with our guests in the evening, chatting with them at the bar, or taking the stage to provide evening entertainment?


That’s a great attitude! Here at ROBINSON, even the cook will frequently take the stage after work to let out his inner entertainer. You can live out your creativity, too, and delight our guests with your talents in the evenings.


To be quite honest — this answer shows us that you might not be a good fit for us. You must understand that there are no “nine-to-five” jobs at a ROBINSON Club.


Are you willing to share a room with another ROBIN for a whole season if necessary?


We’re happy to hear that you’re so down-to-earth. You are usually housed in a double room (of course you don’t have to pay for it!) If available, we will even accommodate you in a single room.


Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Our ROBINS are usually housed in double rooms. We can only accommodate you in a single room if availability permits.


Are you good at coping when things get hectic or a lot of flexibility is required?


Perfect! That’s a good and rare trait to have. We appreciate it.


Don’t worry, we know how it is.


Six-day weeks are the norm here at ROBINSON. Are you okay with that long-term?


A commendable attitude. You are actually going to work six days a week here at ROBINSON. In return, you enjoy the same tasty meals our guests do. You will work in facilities awarded with at least four stars. You will live and work in the most amazing locations in the world!


You should really make up your mind about that. At ROBINSON, we’re looking for dedicated and hard-working people.


Your area is quiet, but things are crazy in another one. Do you support the other team even when you’re not in charge?


Fantastic. That’s the spirit! We need people who look beyond their own nose. Readiness to help our guests and the other ROBINS is a trait that definitely makes you a ROBIN.


Let’s be honest here: you should rethink your attitude. Here at ROBINSON, teamwork is a top priority. Supporting not just your own team but other teams too comes naturally to a true ROBIN!


A ROBIN usually works in a foreign country. Many of your colleagues will have a different cultural background and speak a different language. Are you looking forward to that experience?


You got that right!. That’s exactly the attitude we are looking for in a ROBIN!


You must be sure about this — otherwise, you won’t feel completely at home with us.

After taking the test, you probably already have a better idea of whether you are a good fit for ROBINSON. Here’s our assessment:


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Job title Field of work Match
Praktikant/in Personalmarketing Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Praktikant/in Personal Clubs Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Employee Sports & Entertainment (m/f) Sports
Skiing instructor (m/f) Sports
Sailing instructor (m/f) Sports
Diving instructor (m/f) Sports
Tennis instructor (m/f) Sports
Golf professional (m/f) Sports
Bike guide (m/f) Sports
Hiking tour guide (m/f) Sports
Archer (m/f) Sports
Swimming instructor for children (m/f) Children & Teenagers
Child and baby care worker (m/f) Children & Teenagers
Childcare worker (m/f) Children & Teenagers
Childcare worker Sports (m/f) Children & Teenagers
Childcare worker Fun (m/f) Children & Teenagers
Childcare worker Creative (m/f) Children & Teenagers
Youth leader (m/f) Children & Teenagers
GroupFitness instructor (m/f) Wellness & Fitness
Personal trainer (m/f) Wellness & Fitness
Masseur & Physical therapist (m/f) Wellness & Fitness
Wellness masseur (m/f) Wellness & Fitness
Beautician (m/f) Wellness & Fitness
Division head WellFit® active (m/f) Wellness & Fitness
Division head WellFit spa (m/f) Wellness & Fitness
Dancer & Choreographer (m/f) Entertainment
Live entertainer (m/f) Entertainment
DJ Entertainment
Employees Stage & Decoration (m/f) Entertainment
Employees Costumes & Stage Props (m/f) Entertainment
Employees Studio (m/f) Entertainment
Division manager Events & Entertainment (m/f) Entertainment
F&B Manager (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Assistant F&B Manager (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Restaurant Manager (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Restaurant & Bar waiter (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Head chef (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Sous-chef (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Chef de partie (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Demichef de partie (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Commis de cuisine (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Master patissier (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Patissier (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Bar Manager (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Baker (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Butcher (kitchen) (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Front Office Manager (m/f) Front Office
Assistant Front Office Manager (m/f) Front Office
Receptionist (m/f) Front Office
Night Auditor (m/f) Front Office
Intern Front Office (m/f) Front Office
Guest Relations Manager (m/f) Front Office
Employees Incentive & Meetings (m/f) Front Office
Info host/hostess Front Office
Boutique Manager (m/f) Boutique
Employees Boutique (m/f) Boutique
Director of Administration (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
Administration Assistant (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
F&B Cost Controller (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
Chief engineer (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
Training Manager (Club) (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
Secretary (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
IT & System Administrator (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
Financial Controller (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
Employees Sports & Entertainment (m/f) Entertainment
Assistant Hotel Director (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
Event engineer (m/f) Entertainment
Intern Entertainment (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Intern Events (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Intern Incentives & Meetings (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Intern Sales Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Spa receptionist Wellness & Fitness
(Assistant) dive center manager Sports
Supervisor Housekeeping (w/m) Front Office
Stellv. Abteilungsleiter/in Housekeeping Front Office
Ausbildung zum/zur Sport- & Fitnesskaufmann/frau Wellness & Fitness
Haustechniker/in Administration & Technology, Management
Tennishost/-hostess Sports
Guest Relation Mitarbeiter/in Front Office
Intern WellFit® (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Intern Sales Management (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Intern eCommerce (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Intern HR Development (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Intern Sports (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Intern HR (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Intern childcare (m/f) Children & Teenagers
Intern F&B (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Intern Guest Relation (m/f) Front Office
Intern Entertainment (m/f) Entertainment
Intern Boutique Sales (m/f) Boutique
Intern Sports (m/f) Sports
Front Office Supervisor (m/f) Front Office
F&B Host (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
F&B Supervisor (m/f) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Employee Sports (m/f) Sports
Housekeeping Supervisor (m/f) Front Office
Employee Key Account (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Incentives & Meetings Manager (m/f) Front Office
Surf instructor (m/f) Sports
Arrival- & Departure ROBIN Front Office
Watersport host/hostess Sports
Dive Center Manager (m/f) Sports
Intern Sales Management (m/f) Jobs Headquarter in Hanover
Kommunikation und Marketing Beauftragte/r Administration & Technology, Management
Leiter/in Wassersport Sports
Manager Family (m/w/d) Children & Teenagers
Assistant F&B manager Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Manager Golf (m/f) Sports
Golf Host (m/f) Sports
Assistant Golf (m/f) Sports
Regional Training Manager (m/f) Administration & Technology, Management
SUP-Guide Sports
HR Administrator Administration & Technology, Management
Stv. Abteilungsleiter (m/w/d) Familie
Chef Baker (m/f/d) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
Kitesurf instructor (m/f/d) Sports
Assistant Bar manager (m/f/d) Food & Beverage, Kitchen
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