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Internal qualifications and advanced education:

crew training at ROBINSON

To be able to offer our guests equally good service throughout all of the clubs and departments, you are continuously trained at ROBINSON according to specified standards. Depending on your background knowledge and position, you receive different kinds of training during your employment. That way you will continue to grow and expand your skills. This consistent “refinement” will be useful not only if you transfer to another ROBINSON Club, but it’s a valuable component for your professional development in any case. 

Our employees are the most important potential for the success of our company. The annual internal qualifications are a significant building block in the various careers of our employees. For our specialized employees and managers from various departments, these specific training and continuing education programs serve as a learning forum to deepen and refresh their expertise, among other things.

viele Hände verbinden sich in einem Kreis

Your supervisors and colleagues hold specialized training sessions directly at your workplace so that you can quickly integrate into the team and the club. You also get additional instruction with the support of reputable experts in your field.

There are lots of ways to work at ROBINSON: if you want to redirect yourself or turn your hobby into a job, then the ROBINSON Camps (e.g. the water sports camp) make that possible for you. Here you and the other ROBINS can get the basics (theory and practice) to handle the tasks in new “work environments”.

Here is a unique chance: If you like to take on responsibility in addition to your technical tasks and love to work with people, you have the opportunity to prove yourself as a manager at ROBINSON. We support you in this process with intensive training, e.g. in communication, management techniques, team development and conflict management. This way you learn to motivate your team and manage it successfully.

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