Whet our appetites – as chef de partie at ROBINSON

Do you want to demonstrate your cooking skills directly in front of the guests? As a chef de partie at ROBINSON, you can create culinary masterpieces and get direct feedback for your food during the live cooking. Themed buffets or specialty restaurant – you can give your ideas and creativity completely free reign and demonstrate your cooking skills. Together with the team of ROBINS, you make sure that the guests feel good and only get the best food on their plates. You also integrate your unique personality and work in vacation destinations.

Gemeinsam mit dem Team der ROBINS sorgst du dafür, dass die Gäste sich wohl fühlen und nur das Beste auf den Teller bekommen. Dabei bringst du deine einzigartige Persönlichkeit ein und arbeitest dort, wo andere Urlaub machen.

Chef de partie with creative ideas? Let’s go.

ROBINSON follows the principle of uniqueness. In a team with the ROBINS, you can achieve your potential and discover talents that have been dormant up to now. Passion and fun at work are important to us. That’s what you need to put into the exciting challenges as a chef de partie. Since there is an informal atmosphere between your colleagues and guests, you work in a casual environment and have the chance to have unique experiences and adventures. You’re assigned a godparent at the start who will make sure you feel comfortable in this strong community. As a chef de partie, your task is to make sure that a delicious meal arrives on the table that delights the guests. With your outgoing manner, you also manage to entertain the guests. This way you turn guests into friends and employees into a family!

Career in the kitchen – there is much to do:

Your tasks as chef de partie at ROBINSON at a glance: You prepare the meals for our menus and buffets, work on the buffet and satisfy the quality standards even at special events like a picnic at a mountain lake. You’re the quality manager in your area and make comparisons. You check incoming deliveries with your expertise for quality and quantity and ensure proper storage. You’re also responsible for the purchasing lists and use your experience to decide what is needed. When you see yourself as a host, your guests are satisfied. You also support other teams with your work. 

Ein Mann mit einer Kochmütze.
Eine leckere Süßspeise.
Ein fröhlicher Mann mit Essen.
Essen auf einem Servierteller.

For your new job as a chef de partie, you should bring your passion and the following:

  • training as a chef and professional experience in the upscale restaurant business
  • a high degree of autonomy and responsibility
  • joy in interacting with guests and colleagues in an international environment"

We want you as a chef de partie and have a lot to offer!

Do you want to advance in your job? ROBINSON offers you the opportunity to develop your strengths and talents. You continue learning through regular qualifications and training and continue to have opportunities for advancement as a chef de partie. We also offer cooperations with reputable partners. At ROBINSON, we provide you with a secure job and excellent conditions. You can use all of the facilities at the club in your free time, from the beach volleyball court and the spa area to the fitness studio – you get to work in vacation destinations. 

In brief, this is what you can expect as a chef de partie at ROBINSON:

  • top-qualified, open-minded colleagues
  • opportunities for further development as a sous-chef or head chef
  • lots of positive feedback – directly from our guests
  • fun teamwork
  • working in the most beautiful locations in the world


Turn your passion into a job – apply as a chef de partie!

Is cooking your passion, you’re an expert at high-quality foods and were born to be a host? Then apply now – we look forward to seeing you!




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