Current job openings as an administrative assistant

As a ROBIN you’re at home in holiday destinations

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Join us – as an administrative assistant at ROBINSON

You have a good overview: With your knack for figures, your job as an administrative assistant means making sure that everything is in its proper place in the end. The subject might be salaries, turnover or invoices –

you always keep a cool head in any case and are the link in the background. This doesn’t mean you hide behind the computer; you also support your colleagues in the front!

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Your job in administration at ROBINSON

In your administrative job, you take care of the accounting and booking of the wages and salaries. You also prepare the data and register the receipts for the financial bookkeeping. With your flexibility and organizational talent as an administrative assistant, you’re the right hand of the administrative director and also support him or her with the work.

Get fascinated by everyday life at the club

As an administrative assistant you don’t just work behind the scenes but also get close to the guests. You pay attention to the needs of the guests and maintain a good contact with them. As a host and team player, you also support other departments, e.g. during the arrivals and departures of the guests and many other activities – and if you feel like it, even on the ROBINSON theater stage.

For your new job as an administrative assistant, you should bring your passion and the following:

  • training in the hotel business or education as a hotel manager
  • ideally, experience in the business administration of a hotel
  • good knowledge of German and English
  • enjoyment of interacting with guests

We want you as an administrative assistant and have a lot to offer!

Join us as an administrative assistant at one of our worldwide club resorts. Enjoy the magnificent mountain panorama in Austria or get a suntan in Spain. Experience the great community at ROBINSON and look forward to the diverse tasks at the club. With your job in the administration, you get the right combination of activities at the office and contact to the guests.

In brief, this is what you can expect as an administrative assistant at ROBINSON:

  • working with top-qualified, open-minded colleagues
  • developing yourself professionally and reaching personal goals
  • achieve your creative potential and discover new talents in yourself
  • feel real team cohesion
  • get to know new countries and enjoy the club ambiance


Turn your passion into a job – apply as an administrative assistant!

Would you like to support us in the administration of the club? Then apply now – we look forward to seeing you!