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As a ROBIN you’re at home in holiday destinations





Say hello to us – as night auditor at ROBINSON

Good evening and buenas noches! In your job as a night auditor, you’re the contact point at our reception at night.

Thanks to you, our guests always have a representative available to them – whether they have questions or just want a late-night chat.

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Turn night into day – your daily life as a night auditor

Welcome to ROBINSON! Welcome to the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world! Here you have the opportunity to live and work at many different incredible locations around the world. We have a lot going on at night as well – whether this is after a show or a party at the bar or with the first joggers early in the morning. You definitely won’t get bored! We have a wide variety of jobs and new, exciting experiences await you every day. Join the ROBINSON family and create unforgettable moments! We look forward to having you in our team. Immerse yourself in a unique and emotional atmosphere where cohesion and a sense of community are a matter of course.

Your job as a night auditor

As a night auditor, you get up when others go to sleep. Your shift usually starts in the evening and goes through the night. Your open and friendly demeanor is instantly convincing and makes each guest feel welcome at once. As an employee in the front office, you coordinate the arrivals and departures of the guests and perform the check-in and check-out. You are in direct contact with our guests in this process and the first contact person for praise, criticism or questions. You always like to help with your understanding and patient air, no matter at what time of day. You’re also responsible for a smooth process at the front and back office and cooperate with travel agencies and their representatives. Your goal is for the guests to be happy and have a wonderful holiday at ROBINSON. Even if something doesn’t go seamlessly for once, you still keep an overview in difficult situations and master them perfectly. Because thanks to your relaxed and balanced personality, you always keep a cool head even in stressful situations and you never lose your smile.

For your new job as a night auditor, you should bring your passion and the following:

  • training in hotel administration
  • orientation towards quality and service
  • above-average commitment and resilience
  • knowledge of a hotel reservation system, ideally protel

We want you as a night auditor and have a lot to offer!

At our club resort, you can have lots of fun with your job as a night auditor. You can make tons of new contacts and have an exciting time. Our club atmosphere is characterized by a strong sense of community which is unique at ROBINSON. You are awaited by a large ROBINSON family with many open and amiable colleagues. An informal address among colleagues and guests is typical here and creates a casual and familiar atmosphere. As a night worker, your great advantage is having the day free. So once you’ve gotten your rest, all amenities at the club are open to you!

In brief, this is what you can expect as a night auditor at ROBINSON:

  • working with cheerful and qualified colleagues
  • new countries and people
  • a permanent job with a monthly income
  • regular training opportunities to develop your skills and expand your knowledge
  • best career opportunities
  • free accommodations and full board
  • free use of all amenities at the club


Turn your passion into a job – apply as a night auditor at ROBINSON!

Are you really a night person and just get going when others are heading to bed? Is it hard to rattle you out of your good mood? Do you like direct contact with guests and being helpful is your middle name? Then apply now – we look forward to seeing you!