Current job openings as demichef de partie

As a ROBIN you’re at home in holiday destinations









Prove yourself – as a demichef de partie at ROBINSON

Do you like to cook and enjoy direct contact with the guests? As a demichef de partie at ROBINSON, you can create menus and prove yourself during live cooking in order to get direct feedback for your food. Themed buffets or specialties – at ROBINSON you can prove your creativity and enrich your team with your ideas.

Together with the other ROBINS, you make sure that the guests feel good and can enjoy high-quality food. You integrate your unique personality and work in vacation destinations.

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Wanted: your creative ideas in the kitchen!

ROBINSON is looking for unique personalities. In a team with the ROBINS, you can achieve your potential and rediscover your talents. If you’re showing passion and fun at your work, you’re also convincing the guests. That makes it easy to establish a friendly relationship with them and your team. You can expect unique experiences and interesting activities. A strong community supports your development. As demichef de partie, your task is to make sure that a delicious meal arrives on the table that delights the guests. With your outgoing manner, you also manage to entertain the guests. This way you turn guests into friends and employees into a family.

Demonstrate your versatile cooking skills:

Your tasks as a demichef de partie at ROBINSON at a glance: You prepare the meals and specialties, work on the buffet and satisfy the quality standards even at unique events like a picnic at a mountain lake. You’re the quality manager in your area and make comparisons. You check incoming deliveries with your expertise for quality and quantity and ensure proper storage. You’re also responsible for the purchasing lists and use your experience to decide what is needed. When you see yourself as a host, your guests are satisfied. You also support other teams with your work. 

For your new job as a demichef de partie, you should bring your passion and the following:

  • completed training as a chef
  • professional experience in the upscale restaurant business
  • team-oriented and responsible work method
  • enjoyment of interacting with international guests and colleagues

We want you as a demichef de partie and have a lot to offer!

In your informal interactions with your colleagues and guests, you can concentrate on your own strengths. You can also develop yourself professionally and participate in training as well as additional qualifications. At ROBINSON, you can expect a secure job with excellent conditions. Aside from free room and board, we also provide other benefits to our employees: As a ROBIN, you can use all offers at the club, whether you like to play tennis, surf, exercise or just relax on the beach.

In brief, this is what you can expect as a demichef de partie at ROBINSON:

  • a secure job abroad
  • high-quality, healthy food
  • a lot of diversity and close contact to our guests
  • a great sense of community among our employees


Turn your passion into a job – apply as a demichef de partie!

Are you proud of your cooking skills and always make sure that others feel at home in your presence? Then apply now – we look forward to seeing you!