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As a ROBIN you’re at home in holiday destinations





Your job as In-House Technician at ROBINSON

Doesn’t matter if it’s hammering, gluing, drilling or painting something – you are a true multi-talent and love the tasks of a handyman. As Caretaker or better said as we call it, In-House Technician, everything stays in ship shape! While doing so, you are working closely together with the other departments who are always coming back to you when devices aren’t functioning, with a chair that wiggles, or a faucet that is leaking.

As Caretaker, you are responsible for the maintenance of all technical machinery and equipment on the club’s premises, and along with your team, you ensure a flawless and smooth-running technical operation. Ultimately, you are only then completely satisfied when everything is perfectly running.

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Your job as In-House Technician at ROBINSON Club: Everything is running smoothly

As In-House Technician, you are not only responsible for the repair and maintenance work to be done, but you also make sure that required fire safety drills are being properly executed, as well as, ensuring the proper functioning of all fire-fighting systems. Should you want to contribute in setting new standards environmentally and sustainably and are a responsible-minded worker, then you are the right person at ROBINSON! Then when it comes to handling all of our resources being environmentally conscious – along with our guests – is our number one priority.

Painter, handyman, a lifesaver – or simply a ROBIN!

At ROBINSON you are not only an expert in your territory, but you also take part as a ROBIN in the “ROBIN life” activities that make our clubs so extraordinary. Whether warmly greeting our guests or saying farewell to them when they arrive or depart, or having dinner together with our guests, you enjoy interacting with people. You are communicative, open and always ready to help. As a true team player, you support your fellow colleagues and like to jump in and give a hand when someone’s short of help.

For your new job as In-House Technician you should have the following:

  • A completed training certificate in a technical area, such as, heating and ventilation systems, plumbing or electrical work
  • Work experience in the area of Building and Facilities Management
  • Competent user with PCs and MS office
  • A talented handyman in many different areas
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Ideally has language communication skills in the respective country

We want you as Caretaker/In-House Technician and we have a lot to offer!

No two days are the same when you work for us! Especially as Caretaker you will never be bored. Because of your regular rounds through our premises, you will be busy with all departments and will become very familiar with the club like hardly anyone else can be. Thereby, you will be working with a super team and simultaneously, staying at the most beautiful places on earth. Furthermore, you may have your meals, like our guests, at any of our buffets and use all of the club’s sports and recreation facilities. Due to the many career opportunities and our “ROBIN life” activities, you will not only develop yourself professionally and personally further, but you will discover hidden talents inside you that could turn into something more.

In brief, this is what you can expect as In-House Technician at ROBINSON:

  • Perfect career opportunities, for example, promotion to Head Technician
  • Competent, well-trained and team-focused colleagues
  • Possibility to develop yourself further personally and professionally and discover new talents
  • Work at the most beautiful places on earth
  • Free use of all the club’s facilities, as well as, having meals at any of the abundant buffets


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