Current job openings as arrival and departure robin

As a ROBIN you’re at home in holiday destinations

Momentan gibt es keine offene Stelle in diesem Job, doch das kann morgen schon wieder anders sein! Schick uns jetzt deine Initiativbewerbung und werde als Erste/r berücksichtigt!

Say hello to us – as Arrival and Departure ROBIN

Welcome – it’s so nice to have you here! You will be the first one to be giving a beaming impression to our new guests when they first arrive at our club, laying the groundwork for a fantastic holiday experience! Your positive, friendly attitude is contagious – for the guests and your team!

ROBINSON Hospitality Jobs

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Your job as an Arrival and Departure ROBIN: First impression counts

You are simply worth a mint to your colleagues at reception: while the receptionists are quietly checking-in the new hotel guests and busy taking care of them, you are making sure that waiting in line won’t become a nerve-racking problem. You’re an authentic hostess and you love to take care of our guests as if they were visiting you in your own home: from offering welcome cocktails to handing our refreshing towelettes – because of you, new guests will be able to quickly switch into vacation mode. As you’re doing this, you’re chatting away with the guests, sharing information about the club and its programs, making sure that they will have a perfect start to their holiday. When guests are ready to leave, you will give them a heart-warming farewell, leaving everyone wanting to see each other again.

As a ROBIN, you’re involved throughout the club

The reception and lobby areas are definitely your territories – even so, our guests will always see you again and again in the various locations at the club: whether it’s in the morning at the restaurant where you will be making them happy with freshly mixed fruit juices, or in the evening standing on stage. You and your colleagues are a dedicated and sworn-in team that support each other in any department no matter what. Your day-to-day life at the club will never be boring and that’s exactly what makes you really happy.

For your new job as an Arrival and Departure ROBIN you should have the following:

  • Vocational training certificate in hospitality service
  • Being a hostess is in your blood and absolutely essential
  • Total commitment and strong communication skills
  • Having fun working with people and guests

We want you as an Arrival and Departure ROBIN and have a lot to offer!

Is your dream to work in the hotel business? Then we have the absolute dream job for you! As an Arrival and Departure ROBIN, you will be significantly responsible for ensuring that our guests’ holiday will turn into something extraordinary. But not only will our guests be able to enjoy that vacation feeling, you too will be able to live and work in the wonderful surroundings at our clubs. In your free time, you will be able to use all of our club’s facilities and will be spoilt for choice, whether you would rather be playing tennis, relaxing at the beach, having a hard workout at the health club or taking part in a surfing lesson.

In brief, this is what you can expect as arrival and departure ROBIN at ROBINSON:

  • A super feeling as a team in a team
  • Experience new challenges everyday
  • Secure employment in a foreign country
  • Free accommodation and arrival
  • Free board at our restaurants for guests
  • Plenty of opportunity for further development


Turn your passion into a job – apply as a arrival and departure ROBIN at ROBINSON!

Are you the perfect first impression for our club resort? Then apply now – we look forward to seeing you!