Make yourself at home!

A warm welcome to new employees:

A ROBINSON Club. Somewhere in the world. Everything is new! You're a little excited. Where do I have to go? Can I ... ? What's the name of ... ? And how does this telephone actually work? These are exactly the situations we want to avoid at ROBINSON and that is why we have developed an employee brochure and a program called ENMA for training new employees! Everyone who has ever arrived somewhere new appreciates a warm and well-prepared welcome. Feeling in good hands from the very first day: a good feeling!

The patronage system

Week 1:

As a new ROBIN, you will be assigned a mentor. The sponsor is a long-time ROBIN and your number one contact person during the first weeks. He will show you around the club and answer all your questions. This way, as a new ROBIN, you can quickly integrate into the club's daily routine and become part of it from the very beginning.

The Crew Training

Basic training:

As a new employee, you will undergo some basic training in the first few days or weeks. Among other things, you will get to know the company better. Because the club is not only your workplace, but also your new home, the interaction with each other and with the guests of the club also plays an important role. You will learn what makes a ROBIN the perfect host and much more! As a rule, you are only allowed to wear the typical white-blue outfit afterwards and are officially a real ROBIN.