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A warm welcome to new employees:

Make yourself at home!

Mitarbeiterin streckt die Arme aus

A ROBINSON Club. Somewhere in the world. Everything is new! You’re a little nervous. Where do I have to go? May I ...? What’s his name again ...? And how does this phone work? These are exactly the situations that we want to avoid at ROBINSON, which is why we have created an employee brochure and a program called ENMA for the initial training of new employees! Everyone who has ever been new somewhere can appreciate a warm and well-prepared welcome. Knowing that you’re in good hands from the very first day – that’s a great feeling!  

The first week:

The godparent system

Freundinnen lächeln sich an

When you’re a brand-new ROBIN, you’re initially matched with what we call a godparent. This godparent is a longtime ROBIN and will be your number 1 contact person in the first few weeks. He or she will show you the club and answer all questions. This quickly helps you fit into everyday life at the club and instantly makes you feel like you belong.

Basic instruction:

The crew training

Mitarbeiter Gruppe in blau-weiß

As a new employee, you will undergo some basic training in the first few days or weeks. Here you can learn more about the company, for example. Since the club is not just your workplace but also your new home, your interaction with each other and with the guests at the club plays an equally important role. You find out what makes a ROBIN the perfect host and so much more! As a rule, you complete this training before you get to wear the typical white and blue outfit. And then you’re officially a real ROBIN.

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