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This is who we are

Experience a special atmosphere and a lot of humanity!

More intensive. More human. More emotional. The ROBINS are the ones who create the unmistakable atmosphere that ROBINSON is famous for. We thank our guests for their advance trust – namely that they will spend the nicest time of the year at our clubs – by being the perfect hosts: from the receptionist to the personal trainer to the manager.

Mitarbeiterin zeigt Herz mit Händen

We’re emotional!

Goosebumps. A flush of excitement that you can feel all over. The sense that you’re so happy you could hug the entire world ... A job at ROBINSON is actually less of a job and more of an attitude towards life. Because we, the ROBINS, just like to be human: emotional, amiable, informal. We show feelings. We approach people with open arms and open hearts. We trigger something in our guests – and in ourselves! This is the special spirit that we embody when we interact with our guests and of course in the team.

Mitarbeiterin lacht herzlich

We’re communicative!

What’s greater than sharing experiences with others? Our clubs are places where people meet. There are so many contact points and infinitely many possibilities to start talking to someone. To find things that you share. Or just have a casual chat. With their natural and open-minded personalities, our ROBINS also lay the groundwork here. Finding joy in communicating with our guests and in the team is an important part of the ROBINSON company culture. This also a includes hierarchy-free sociability, for example when we address each other and the guests informally.

Mitarbeiterin lächelt

We’re professional!

ROBINSON is a provider in the premium segment for club vacations. Our extraordinary locations and facilities satisfy upscale standards. That is why we ask for absolute professionalism from our ROBINS. It’s very important to us to have employees who are qualified in their fields. Whether they are surf instructors, masseurs or patissiers: in nearly all departments, having completed a training program is a prerequisite.

Mitarbeiter greift mit Händen aus dem Bild

We’re committed!

All ROBINS bring fun and passion to their work! You can almost touch their energy and vitality. We stand out because we like to lend a hand and because we’re always friendly and helpful. We want to achieve something, for us and our guests! Even after a long day at work, we still have a smile on our lips. We’re ready to plunge into work and always approach our tasks with a lot of dedication. After all, we’re doing something fun. We’re supporting each other and all pulling together.

Mitarbeiterin lächelt mit Zunge im Mundwinkel

We’re creative!

Our clubs have always been places where you can give your creativity free reign. It’s not uncommon for the commis de cuisine to set aside his apron at night and deliver a dazzling performance in a musical. ROBINS who have multiple talents can express their versatility with lots of creativity. Over time, many employees have discovered that they have unknown talents and got to know themselves in an entirely new light. We actively demand and support freedom in creative development!

Drei Mitarbeiter sitzen am Strand

We’re one team!

We don’t differentiate ourselves!

It makes perfect sense that at ROBINSON, we’re truly multicultural. ROBINSON doesn’t just employ Germans but people from the entire world! Of course we have Greeks working at the resort in Portugal and the other way around. We offer all ROBINS the same opportunities and the perspective of getting to know new countries. We’re champions at bringing together people with different cultural backgrounds, different nationalities and all ages. Everyone is a ROBIN!

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