Current job openings as employee in costume & stage props

As a ROBIN you’re at home in holiday destinations

Momentan gibt es keine offene Stelle in diesem Job, doch das kann morgen schon wieder anders sein! Schick uns jetzt deine Initiativbewerbung und werde als Erste/r berücksichtigt!

Transform us as an employee in Costume & Stage Props at ROBINSON

What would a play or musical be without the right costumes and props? A ROBINSON Club resort has lots of these on hand – and they all need to fit perfectly by show time!

In your job as a costume designer – or, as we refer to it, an employee in Costume & Stage Props – you apply your skillful craftsmanship to design the props, modify existing costumes and pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Costumes, props, makeup – your workday as a costume designer

Vacations at ROBINSON are unforgettable. You play a key role in this as a ROBIN. Although you mostly work behind the scenes in your job as a costume designer, you still get opportunities to come into direct contact with your guests outside your field and enchant them with your warm and friendly manner. The regular support of other teams for different events, e.g. coordinating the arrival and departure of the guests, is just one of the many occasions. Even when you work behind the scenes, you are a host and dazzle people with your breathtaking costumes and props. You acquire the costumes and props for performances and sometimes design them yourself for small productions. The care, repairs, storage and cleaning of the costumes and props are part of your job. You also collaborate closely with the fields of Dance & Choreography, Stage & Decoration, Sound & Light and Studio to coordinate the organization together.

Your dream job at our theater

“Living and working in vacation destinations” – with us the dream comes true. ROBINSON has resorts in the world’s most beautiful vacation countries. As a ROBIN in our community, our doors are open to you for diverse work and training opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you in our ROBINSON family. It is our goal to have our guests as well as employees feel completely at home so that they don’t ever want to leave again. We accomplish this with a unique and personal atmosphere where cohesion and a strong sense of community are a matter of course.

For your new job as a costume designer, you should bring your passion and the following:

  • ideally, professional training as a tailor or window dresser
  • excellent sewing skills
  • practical experience in stage crafts

We want you as a costume designer and have a lot to offer!

You can have an extraordinary and exciting time in your job as a costume designer at ROBINSON. Our special ROBINSON atmosphere is created especially by the strong community sense and the open and amiable colleagues. Addressing co-workers as well as guests informally is part of this. It creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere everywhere in the clubs.

In brief, this is what you can expect as a costume designer at ROBINSON:

  • working with friendly and qualified colleagues
  • new countries and many new experiences
  • secure employment with excellent conditions
  • opportunity to participate in training sessions to enhance your skills
  • great opportunities for advancement
  • top accommodations at the club or in its vicinity and delicious meals throughout the day
  • free use of all club amenities


Turn your passion into a job – apply as an employee in Costume & Stage Props at ROBINSON!

Are you an expert with the sewing machine and have a sense of creativity with many new and great ideas? Then apply now – we look forward to seeing you!