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Take a tour with us – as a hiking tour guide at ROBINSON

Crystal-clear mountain lakes, lush green meadows and enchanting hiking trails in impressive mountain landscapes: as a hiking tour guide, you feel at home in nature.

From the five-kilometer beginners’ tour to scaling the peaks with advanced hikers – your job is to create a diverse program and show our guests your favorite routes.

Vast horizons, mountain peaks, you and nature – your daily life as a hiking tour guide

You can live out your fantasy as part of our team: In your job as a hiking tour guide, you live in vacation destinations. You have numerous options as a hiking tour guide in our community. At our ROBINSON Clubs, we are at home in fantastic vacation spots around the world and look forward to welcoming you and your passion in our team. We want our guests to feel great and have the time of their lives at our magnificent clubs. It’s just as important to us that our employees are satisfied and go through the day with a smile on their lips. The clubs have a unique and emotional atmosphere where a great sense of community is a matter of course, which alone turns the vacation into a very special experience. 

Your job as a hiking tour guide

At ROBINSON, we practice our motto “share the moment”. As a hiking tour guide, it’s easy for you to share your great enthusiasm for animals and nature and create a breathtaking experience for our guests that they will always remember. You’re in close contact with the guests, arouse their curiosity and also inspire new hikers to participate in your diverse hiking tours. Your multifaceted program for various skill levels features something for everyone, so that all guests can participate regardless of their experience. You know the local areas like the back of your hand and can competently and easily answer questions about the flora and fauna. You also take care of the availability and careful maintenance of the materials. For you safety always comes first. It is your job as a hiking tour guide to ensure that all guests return to the club healthy and happy.

Fünf Leute in der Natur.
Fünf Leute überqueren einen Bach.
Vier Personen, die in der Natur sind.
Wiese mit Hütte.

For your new job as a hiking tour guide, you should bring your passion and the following:

  • good hiking experience
  • a sense of orientation and good fitness level
  • safety in Alpine regions and experience with guiding groups
  • knowledge of the plant and animal world
  • training licenses from the relevant associations are desired

We want you as a hiking tour guide and have a lot to offer!

You can have an adventurous and unforgettable time in your job as a hiking tour guide with us in Austria or Switzerland. At ROBINSON we have a strong sense of community along with many open and amiable colleagues who are a huge part of the fascinating world of ROBINSON. Addressing the colleagues and guests informally is normal for us, which also creates a familiar and friendly atmosphere in the clubs.

In brief, this is what you can expect as a hiking tour guide at ROBINSON:

  • working with friendly and top-qualified colleagues
  • exploring new countries and hiking trails
  • secure job with a regular income
  • affordable terms for your equipment among our cooperative partners
  • responsibility in your specialized field & regular training to refine your skills
  • excellent career opportunities
  • free accommodations and full board at our guest restaurant
  • free use of all club amenities


Turn your passion into a job – apply as a hiking tour guide at ROBINSON!

Do you love nature and hiking? Do you prefer to spend time outdoors rather than inside and like your hiking boots more than your slippers? Can you easily master steep mountains and long hiking trails and recognize bird calls from a distance? Then apply now – we look forward to seeing you!

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