Current job openings as kitesurf instructor

As a ROBIN you’re at home in holiday destinations

Momentan gibt es keine offene Stelle in diesem Job, doch das kann morgen schon wieder anders sein! Schick uns jetzt deine Initiativbewerbung und werde als Erste/r berücksichtigt!

Find your perfect wave – as a kitesurf instructor at ROBINSON

The sea breeze, sound of waves, foam on your skin... water is your element and water sports are your passion! We offer you a work environment where you can realize your dreams and show off your best features.

Become part of a community where team work is just as essential as the perfect support of our guests. As kitesurf instructor or sailing instructor, you live and work in vacation destinations, like our water sports stations in Cyprus and Cabo Verde.

Immersed in water sports? Turn your hobby into your job!

Do you live your life on surfboards and waves? Then apply at one of our seaside club resorts as a ROBIN and a surf instructor. At our water sports stations you coach guests who love the ocean just as much as you do, sensitively introduce beginners and provide new input to advanced surfers. Your tasks include introductions to the materials and territories as well as the consultations and supervision of the equipment rental or the water sports area.

Experience the world of water sports at ROBINSON

Getting our guests excited for the classes as well as different activities on and in the water is also one of your strong points. You prepare events at the water sports base and then execute them professionally and with lots of fun. You work in the most beautiful locations in the world and get to explore new countries and cultures. Apply today as a kitesurf instructor.

For your new job as a kitesurf instructor, you should bring your passion and the following:

  • a Kitesurfing instructor license
  • an enjoyment of approaching and interacting with other people
  • a friendly and open demeanor
  • a desire to teach and execute events near the water
  • a sense of responsibility, professionalism and organizational talent "

We want you as a kitesurf instructor and have a lot to offer!

As a ROBIN and kitesurf instructor you work in a team that values friendly and fair interactions and has a pronounced sense of community. You work independently in your field with modern materials, have frequent contact with guests and the opportunity to receive further training. We want the best for you and still make it possible for you to be entirely yourself. Use the opportunity to grow professionally and privately, discover new talents in yourself and enhance your creativity to the fullest! We know that our customers are only really happy if you are too. That is why we offer our water sports staff a secure, comprehensive package that is meant to be carefree!

In brief, this is what you can expect as a kitesurf instructor at ROBINSON:

  • provision of our ION team outfit
  • top terms among our cooperative partners
  • excellent, healthy meals at the guest restaurant
  • free accommodations
  • the possibility of using all club amenities in your free time – including fitness, sauna, tennis facilities, etc.


Turn your passion into a job – apply as a kitesurf instructor!

Are you a real team player who can’t think of anything better than water sports? Then apply now – we look forward to seeing you!