Current job openings as archer

As a ROBIN you’re at home in holiday destinations

Momentan gibt es keine offene Stelle in diesem Job, doch das kann morgen schon wieder anders sein! Schick uns jetzt deine Initiativbewerbung und werde als Erste/r berücksichtigt!

Teach us how to aim – as an archer at ROBINSON

Has Robin Hood been your greatest hero since you were a kid? Do you have a sure aim with a bow and arrow and love getting others excited about your sport? That’s why you, as an archer, are teaching our guests and sharing your passion for this activity.

You can dedicate yourself to the sport with beginning and advanced guests as well as archery club members at high-quality and beautifully designed archery facilities.

Bull’s eye – your daily life as an archer

We make your dream come true: you can work in paradise! As an archer at ROBINSON, many doors are open to you. You can have lots of new experiences and continue discovering yourself in your job as an archer. Our clubs are at home in fantastic vacation areas around the world. The entire ROBINSON family looks forward to welcoming you and your talents in our team. 

Your job as archer at ROBINSON

More than anything, a vacation at ROBINSON should be emotional and unforgettably beautiful. Above all, every ROBIN is a host. Together we make sure that the guests have a great time with us and want to return. As an archer, you are in direct contact with the guests and can get even beginning archers curious and excited to participate in the sport. The program you design is versatile and very diverse. You also create special events and tournaments, which you prepare and then execute together with the guests. The setup and breakdown of the archery center before and after the season along with the care and maintenance of the materials are part of your tasks. As a team player, you also gladly support the other fields, for example by helping with the arrival and departure coordination of the guests or similar events.

For your new job as an archer, you should bring your passion and the following:

  • excellent practical experience and theoretical knowledge about archery
  • ideally, training as an archery coach
  • experience in mass-market sports is desired

We want you as an archer and have a lot to offer!

As an archer, you can have lots of exciting and fascinating experiences at ROBINSON. One of these is the strong sense of community and the many open and amiable colleagues who are waiting for you in your job at ROBINSON. We address both colleagues and guests informally, which lets us enjoy a casual and pleasant atmosphere at the clubs.

In brief, this is what you can expect as an archer at ROBINSON:

  • working with charming and qualified colleagues
  • experiencing new countries and people
  • a secure job with a monthly salary
  • a lot of independent responsibility in your field and regular training sessions to enhance your skills
  • best opportunities to build a career
  • accommodations and full board at our guest restaurant
  • free use of all club amenities – from sailing to soccer


Turn your passion into a job – apply as an archer at ROBINSON!

Do you have the sharp eyes of a lynx while keeping a steady hand? You have a keen instinct not only for your bow but also other people? Do you want to share your skills and practice your passion? Then apply now – we look forward to seeing you!