Jobs-Hotline: +49 (0)511 / 955 5726 Monday-Friday 10-17h

Depending on which position you applied for, the responses might be very different.

If you applied for a job at a club or in Hanover, we will respond in about a week.

When it comes to the dual study program, you should be a little patient, depending on when you submitted your application to us. You should hear from us in November, in most cases.



We need a complete résumé, a cover letter and certificates / diplomas along with your online application form.

You can find the requirements for our jobs directly on each job page.

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We also offer jobs at the ROBINSON Club Fleesensee in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

In addition, you’re welcome to apply for a six-month internship or permanent employment at our headquarters in Hanover.

To the jobs in Germany

No. Depending on the resort, you either get “all inclusive” meals or the full board (and a drink card).

Usually we offer you accommodations directly at the club, mostly in a double room.

Single rooms are only available to managers or according to availability.

You’re welcome to note your desired club on our online application form.

We’ll try to accommodate your wishes as much as we can, but can’t guarantee this.

You should have at least three months free time for an internship at the club.

If you would like to do an internship in Hanover, you should have at least 6 months available

No – we pay for your flight to our destination. It’s also possible to get a ticket for a train to the airport if no one can accompany you.

If you arrive by train, we cover a second class ticket.

If you are working in Austria, Switzerland or Germany, you can organize your arrival on your own (train ticket, second class).

We organize your arrival by plane.

In general, we prefer that all ROBINS participate in the evening shows and help with the organization.

The monthly salary varies and depends on which job you are doing and how long you work at ROBINSON.

We directly cover the social security, health insurance and taxes in the respective countries.

If you are working in a non-EU country or Greece, we will insure you through a private German health insurance.

Your weekly work hours depend on the number of days on which you work per week (5 days, 5.5 days or 6 days; depends on the resort)

  • Please apply immediately for currently open positions.
  • In case of an unsolicited application, the best time is about 3-4 months before your desired start date.
  • For an internship at the club, about 3-4 months before your desired start date.
  • For an internship in Hanover, you should apply as soon as the internship position is listed.
  • For the dual study program, you should always apply a year in advance (in the fall to start studying in the fall of the following year).
  • You’re welcome to apply anytime for training. The best time is a few months in advance.

Training at the ROBINSON Club Fleesensee in Germany always starts on August 1 of each year.

Training as a sports and fitness specialist always starts in October and happens every two years.

Training in the Turkish clubs for applicants with Turkish citizenship or the Mavi Kart start in February each year and training in Greece (instruction in Greek) starts in November each year.

To Training and Education

You can find our online application form on our website.

ROBINSON also offers a dual study program.

The studies begin in the fall each year and last a total of three years.

The theoretical phase takes place at the Dual College in Ravensburg while the practical phases are completed at the club resorts. 

ROBINSON also offers various kinds of training.

You can get further information at Training and Education.

You should know German or English very well.

Language skills in the respective national language are desired.

We have no age limits. Our oldest employee at the club is over 70 years old.

Our ROBIN clothing is blue and white. The blue shirts are provided by the club. You should bring your own white pants.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to split internships. You should be available for at least three months in a row.

After you have completed your three-month internship, you are welcome to complete another three-month internship at another ROBINSON Club or in another field.

You may use the amenities at the club as an employee. However, guests always have priority if there are limited capacities.

In practical terms, this means: Of course you can participate in a surfing lesson in your time off, if there is an open space. Or you can chill out at the pool – but of course not in the last free lounge chair that is left. :-)

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